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Conversations to Avoid on a First Date

Vin DiCarlo Inc

For the last 13 years, Vin DiCarlo, Inc., has provided men with a number of dating tips and services, including Pandora’s Box. At the Vin DiCarlo, Inc., website, men can find information regarding a wide variety of dating topics, including popular subjects of conversation and dating mistakes to avoid.

Regardless of the setting, a first date primarily consists of conversation. A fun activity can help ease any early tensions or awkwardness, but a first date is generally the time individuals spend getting to know one another. That said, individuals should attempt to avoid the following conversational pitfalls while on a first date.

Some topics of conversation are simply too boring for a date. For example, discussing work at length does not constitute an enjoyable evening for most. Conversely, individuals should avoid talking about their own work, and life in general, without pausing for interactions with their date. First dates are about two people getting a feel for one another, not one person telling another person everything about themselves.

Another subject that should be avoided is ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends. Related subjects, such as horrible dates or general likes and dislikes, may broach this territory, but it is strongly advised not to recap past failed relationships in depth. Similarly, talk of parents and family is fairly common on a first date, but comprehensive family histories or intense family drama is best saved for later.

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