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How To Get A Girl To Like You In Six Steps

    Becoming a more likeable person is important in all areas of your life. It’s simple: the more people like you, the greater your success. So, today, I’ll show you how this can be achieved!

    I know that in my case, becoming more personable has not only helped me get women that are more attractive, but it has also helped in my career. It enhanced my social life and it helped create more opportunities that I would not have today if I had not become a more likeable person.

    So, how do you get a girl to like you and become more likeable in general? The best, and most classic book on understanding likability is How to Win Friends and Influence People. It was one of the first bestselling help-books, and throughout the years its message has only become more powerful.

    Here are six, generalized steps based on this book that you can use to learn how to get a girl to like you. The book helped me, so I’m sure you will benefit from these steps, too!

    Step 1 – Become genuinely interested in other people.

    Everyone has a story to tell – and no two people’s experiences are alike. So, take a keen interest in what other people do.

    I actually love observing people in the way they go about their business. There’s even a hobby you can take up – people watching.

    When you talk to people, become intrigued by what they do, and really strive to want to know more about them. Everyone’s favorite topic is themselves, so you need to tap into that innate desire and ask them questions about themselves.

    Women are the best example of this truth. Most women love being the center of attention, especially when they’re around a man they find attractive. If you display some genuine interest for a specific woman, odds are she’ll show a genuine interest for you, too.

    Step 2 – The best way to get a girl to like you? Smile.

    The law of reciprocation says to give what you want.

    You will be amazed at how many people smile back when you smile at them. Be sure it is a relaxed smile. There really is not a right or wrong way to smile, so just relax.

    Practice a little in front of the mirror, if you want.

    Women love a man who is positive and happy. A smile says that you’re both of these things. It’s a simple greeting that helps break the ice between two people, so if she smiles back warmly, you’re in!

    Step 3 – Remember her name.

    If you remember the name of whoever you’re talking to, it is the sweetest and most important sound in any language. Make an effort to remember people’s names. I found this really hard to do at first.

    What you can do to help you out is to as much as possible relate that name to something that is familiar with me. So, for example if the name is John, my dad’s name is John, so when I chat with this person again, I will be thinking of my Dad and that will then help me remember his name as John.

    Another great way to help you remember someone’s name, especially a woman that you’re interested in, is to repeat their name back to them when you meet them for the first time. If you hear something without saying it, you’re not as likely to remember what you were told. But if you repeat what was spoken to you, your chances of remembering are greater. Women love to be remembered.

    So, when she says, “Hi, my name is Lucy,” reply by saying, “Hi, Lucy!” Make a point of then referring to her by her name, rather than just saying “you” all the time. This kind of repetition will make remembering her name a lot easier.

    Step 4 – Be a good listener.

    This is not only one of the best ways to get girls to like you – it also makes you a very memorable person.

    Few are the people who can actually stop to listen.

    Encourage people to talk about themselves. I said before that one’s favorite subject is themselves. So, if you get someone talking about themselves and talking about things they like doing in their life, then they are going to instantly enjoy being around you because it gives them a chance to really express who they are and talk about their favorite topics.

    Women love a man who is a great listener. Women are creatures that need to talk; they’re usually extroverted, which means they need to talk things through and rely on bouncing ideas and thoughts off of other people. If listening doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t worry; it’s also a learned skill.

    Step 5 – Talk in terms of the other person’s interests.

    What this means is finding commonalities with the other person. If you can find something to bond over with that other person, e.g. sports, business, or a shared hobby, you are going to enjoy the experience of being around each other. Try to find commonalities with that other person.

    This is one of the best ways to get girls to like you, and it can provide some great avenues. For example, if you both love the same type of food, you can easily transition into asking her out for Thai food this Friday night. Since it’s something that she loves, she’ll most likely say yes. The more you know about her, the more successful you’ll be at dating her.

    Step 6 – Make the other person feel important, and do it sincerely.

    I tend to use a lot of empathy when it comes to making someone else feel important. People will often talk about their worries or stresses, and I will empathize with them and tell them how hard it must be to be in their shoes, and how difficult it is to do what they are doing. I find empathy is a good way of making that person feel important and appreciated.

    Women have always been empathetic by nature, and they appreciate a man who can provide the same depth of feeling for them when they require it. They are driven by feelings and though they love a man to be a man, they also love when you’re able to connect with your softer side.

    Finding that balance between masculinity and emotionally supporting her is a fantastic way to get a girl to like you.

    These six steps are just the start of becoming a more likeable person. It takes dedication and practice to work these tips into your life, but if you’re willing to learn, the benefits to your professional and personal lives will be enormous.

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