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Important Areas of Commonality in a Relationship

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Although couples in a relationship do not need to share all of their interests and ideas, there are a few core elements that are crucial to a successful relationship. Experts have found that romantic couples do best when they agree on fundamental core values, such as career priorities and ideas about child rearing. Couples should discuss not only these values but also how they impact each partner's plans for the future, as vastly different goals and ambitions can spell disaster for even the most promising relationship.

Couples should also have similar basic ideas about how they spend their time. It is perfectly healthy for each partner to have his or her own hobbies, but richer conversations are possible when both individuals have seen similar movies, have attended similar events, and vacation in similar settings.
It helps immensely to have at least one hobby in common so that the couple has something they can do together.
It is best if couples agree on the relative importance of leisure time, as relationships tend to be unbalanced if one partner believes in spending all of his or her time at work. It helps immensely if both partners have similar views about how much time they like to spend socializing and how often they prefer to stay at home, lest one partner feel left out when the other ventures out. Perhaps the most crucial element of commonality, however, is that both parties agree on what they want out of life and other people, as disagreements in this area can send partners in vastly different directions.

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