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Techniques for Pleasing a Woman

Vin DiCarlo, Inc., is a New York-based firm that offers men and women proven techniques for connecting with romantic partners. Through the Pandora's Box program, Vin DiCarlo, Inc., members gain resources that allow them to confidently approach women possessing a full range of personality types. They also learn sexual turn-ons that lead to a woman wanting to repeat the experience.

One key to satisfying a woman sexually is to prolong the foreplay process, treating it as if it were a spiritual experience. This will both amplify the actual sex and turn her on to such a degree that you will be in her thoughts for days. Display gentleness and sensitivity when touching your partner, amping up the level of sexuality as she becomes aroused and begins to display desire.
When the activities move to the bedroom, don’t forget to take on a dominant role, guiding your partner verbally and physically as things progress. This reflects the masculine aspect that most women prefer.

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