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Three Foods You Shouldn’t Order on a First Date

Vin DiCarlo Inc.

Men who use the various services Vin DiCarlo, Inc., offers understand how effective they are in creating attraction with the opposite sex. Services such as Pandora’s Box, which Vin DiCarlo, Inc., created, help men land that all-important first date and equip them with the tools needed to turn that date into a relationship. If you’re on a first date at a restaurant, it helps to know what foods to avoid to ensure the evening flows smoothly.

1. Garlic. Yes, garlic is delicious, and it is also used in all sorts of dishes. However, the smell it creates is an instant turn-off. You may find yourself leaning in for the good night kiss, only to see her back away the moment she smells garlic on your breath.

2. Soup. It may seem like a simple dish, but soup is one of the least elegant foods you can order at a restaurant. The sound of your slurping will put a damper on an entire evening, ruining your chances in the process.

3. Whatever she orders. Men should establish that they have minds of their own during the first date. By copying her order, you show that you’re a follower and may not be capable of offering the challenge many women look for in a relationship.


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