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What to Do after a First Date

Vin DiCarlo Inc

As a dating and relationship coaching organization, Vin DiCarlo, Inc., provides men with resources to help them connect to women. Vin DiCarlo, Inc., offers services such as Pandora's Box, a communication support tool to help men navigate such crucial moments as the end of the first date.

When the end of a first date approaches, many men start wondering what to do to secure a woman's interest for the second date. They don't want to seem too desperate, nor do they want their dates to feel as though they lack interest. It can be a fine line to walk, but it gets much simpler for a man if he can remember simply to express how he feels and what he wants.
Despite what many men hear, women appreciate hearing from a man less than a day after the date. This early text or phone call puts to rest many of the insecurities that a woman may have, from, “Does he like me?” to, “Do we have anything in common?” Starting a conversation, perhaps based on a topic of conversation from the date, can help a man to establish contact and lay the foundation for a second date.
Some men may even feel confident enough to ask for a second date before the first date ends. If this is possible, it should be specific and based on something the two have shared on the first date. A specific day and time suggestion can be helpful but is not necessary if the man has established the expectation that he will be following up.
Other men choose to follow up the next morning, which is a great time to say thank you for an enjoyable date. This also can lead to making new plans or even just exploring compatibility, which also lays a strong foundation for a future relationship.

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